Talent Search

As agri industry is growing at more than double digit rate, The professional approach in talent hiring is all time high.

Good job consultants offers diverse talent pool to the organization which helps in sustainable growth of the companies along with better work culture.

We are proud of the fact that ABCDASIA is one of such service provider which aims to bring diversity in our agri industry and right of equal opportunities.

Digital Marketing

ABCDASIA & ASSOCIATES has been able to carve out a niche in otherwise fierce and largely commoditized job consultancy market, all the credit goes to the digital marketing team of ABCDASIA & ASSOCIATES. Why not to use our marketing team for your goals . Consult our team and get customized digital marketing solutions as per your need.

Safety Training and Kit Supply

Our founders are from agri input and they have witnessed the kind of unsafe handling of agrochemicals not just from farmers or retailers but from the company employees as well.We provide safety kits at very affordable rates.

Drones for Agriculture

We are the distributor of drone companies dealing in drones for aerial sprays. We provide drones on rent and drone for sell purpose . We are also connected with few state governments and department of locust for our drone application.